Google is working on the development of a new operating system: Fuchsia. The new OS is, in contrast will all the other development systems developed by Google, not based on Linux, but on Magenta. This is a kernel which has been especially developed for the small systems that are typically used in embedded applications and more or less competes with commercial offerings such as FreeRTOS en ThreadX. Magenta, in turn, is based on LittleKernel, but offers a few additional layers compared to LK.
The advantage of Magenta is that it scales better, so it is not only suitable for use in embedded systems but also for smartphones and desktop computers. At this stage it appears that Google is using Flutter for the user interface and Dart as the main programming language.
Fuchsia supports 32 and 64-bit ARM CPUs and 64-bit PCs, for the time being. In order to get started there is already a Quickstart guide here. Work is also in progress for a version for the Raspberry Pi 3.
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