That’s right, as of edition 4/2018 of Elektor Magazine covering July & August has been renamed to ElektorLabs Magazine. It’s to underline that the Elektor Labs based in Aachen, Germany, are at the hub of our publishing house. The subtitle of the magazine remains unchanged however, likewise the team of editors and designers creating the pages whose content remain best qualified as: by engineers, for engineers.
As before the projects in the magazine are leading, closely followed by the feature articles and regulars. This edition's projects include:
  • Simple Pitch Follower
  • Digital Calliper Readout with Platino
  • DAB on a Dongle Stick
  • Nixie Bargraph Thermometer
  • CAN Bus Debugging Tool
  • Experimental Doppler Radar
  • Elektor SDR Shield 2.0 (1)
  • Stencil Frame for Reflow Soldering
  • Elektor RPi Audio DAC and Volume Control Tweaks & Updates
  • POV Fidget Spinner
  • Heating Monitor using ESP8266
  • Chirpie Chirpie… Cheepit
  • Laser Time Writer

Beside these hands-on projects, a number of which are supported with DIY kits available from the Elektor Store, there is more to enjoy and learn from, be it serious like Repair to a Wi-Fi Card, and A Zettabyte for Total Control or more recreational like A Kosmos Computer  from 1983, and the Hexadoku brain teaser.

Depending on their location, Elektor GOLD Members may already have received their copy of ElektorLabs Magazine edition 4/2018 covering July and August. This news item is to announce that the new edition is also available for non-members to purchase. You can either choose to get your copy in print, posted directly to your door completely free of charge, or purchase the digital edition (PDF). ElektorLabs Magazine is not available from bookstores or kiosks.

Elektor GOLD and GREEN Members are entitled to download the completely identical online version, i.e. all 116 pages, front to back, here. An Elektor Membership is required to download individual articles.