New Raspberry Pi Book from Elektor Now on Sale

February 11, 2014 | 00:00
New Raspberry Pi Book from Elektor Now on Sale
New Raspberry Pi Book from Elektor Now on Sale

The Raspberry Pi is a complete computer system that allows for a tremendous variety of electronics parts and extensions to be connected. This new book addresses one of the strongest aspects of the Raspberry Pi: the ability to combine hands-on electronics and programming.


With no fewer than 45 engaging and challenging projects throughout this book, you’re guaranteed to develop a well-rounded understanding of Raspberry Pi. Processing and generating analog signals, driving an electromotor, a temperature controller and a lux meter are some of the projects you can expect to have completed before you move onto some of the “meatier” projects which range from a motor speed controller to a webserver with CGI.


While there is a focus on programming in Python, this book will guide you through Bash and Javascript as well. You can use this book as a catalog of ideas and replicate the projects for instant use in practice. The clear explanations, schematics and photos in the book ensure that you can use your time effectively when moving from project to project.


This book is perfect for someone looking to engage in self-study. Every project has a detailed deconstruction of its design process. The reading, building & programming process enables you to modify or extend projects in any way you choose. For an even greater challenge, you can combine several projects into one larger design!


Additionally, this book also makes a great reference text. The index facilitates easy location of projects that can be used as examples for your other endeavors. Even if you complete every project contained within, there is no doubt that this book will remain useful for a long time to come.


Special Offer

If you’d ever wanted to start working with a Raspberry Pi, now is the time to kick off! We have a special introductory discount of 10% if you order this book before Friday February 21, 2014! Elektor GREEN & GOLD Members get an even greater discount of 15% with FREE SHIPPING on top!

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