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Nostalgia: build your own valve radio

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Nostalgia: build your own valve radio
Nostalgia: build your own valve radio

Now you can build your own valve radio with a combination of old and new technology. The valve provides strong reception and the typical sound of valve radios, while a modern audio IC and a high-quality loudspeaker provide an optimal sound level.


In addition to the characteristic sound, the warm glow of the valve heaters creates a fascinating accent. You can listen to stations in many different countries, especially in the evening. Set the tuning and the feedback razor-sharp and listen to signals from distant transmitters – all with your own DIY valve radio.


The reception characteristics of this valve radio are as good as those of modern world receivers, or even better. Transport yourself back to the good old days when building your own radio was common practice!


The kit includes all necessary components, including the valve and enclosure.


Please note: This special limited-time offer expires on 20 June, so act now!

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