Now in Hearing Range: Elektor Q-Watt Audio Power Amplifier

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Now in Hearing Range: Elektor Q-Watt Audio Power Amplifier
Now in Hearing Range: Elektor Q-Watt Audio Power Amplifier

Elektor has a long history with audio power amplifiers. A couple of examples of our “golden oldies” are the Edwin, Ekwin and Crescendo amplifiers from the 1970s, which thousands of audio enthusiasts cut their teeth on. In recent years things have been quieter in this area, but that shouldn’t be taken to indicate a lack of interest. Quite the opposite—many people are rediscovering the pleasure of soldering circuits themselves and putting together top-notch amplifiers with outstanding sound quality.


Good news for all audio enthusiasts: we are proud to present yet another fully analog circuit developed entirely in house. Despite the simple design of this audio power amp with just one pair of transistors in the output stage, Q-Watt can deliver over 200 quality (Q!) watts into 4 ohms with exceptionally low distortion thanks to the use of a special audio driver IC.


Due to popular demand, this project is now supported by a semi-kit. It comprises the PCB (# 110656-1) and all electronic components. This semi-kit contains all parts needed to build a mono amplifier. Also available is a semi-kit that enables you to build a stereo amplifier. This kit consists of two PCBs plus all components. In either kit heat sinks, power supply, casings, etc. are not included.


For more information, specifications, design explanation and construction hints we refer to the free article published in Elektor magazine. A link to this article is provided below.


We hope you have a lot of fun building this compact power amplifier, and a lot of listening pleasure


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