Elektor Labs is an online publishing platform for electronics DIY projects. Everybody can create one or more project pages here and present his or her work. Most of the time the project is a solution to a personal problem, sometimes it is a new version of an existing device, sometimes just an intellectual exercise; what it is about is not really important, as long as it is about your own original work. Unfortunately, not everybody respects this.

This project is such a project. Here the poster is very clear about it, but he added a picture grabbed from someone’s website without asking permission and without giving credit. To top it off he added:

“Got it of the net long time ago so feel free to experiment with it. “

Because it's on the Net doesn’t mean you can do with it whatever you like. Because you got it off the Net a long time ago doesn’t mean that either. Please give proper credit where due and always make sure you have the right to publish someone else’s work. We all want people to respect our copyrights and so we all must respect copyrights of others in return.

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