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PIC32 MCU starter kit targets hobbyists

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
PIC32 MCU starter kit targets hobbyists
PIC32 MCU starter kit targets hobbyists

The Microchip PIC32 Starter Kit is designed to give new users the the easiest and lowest cost way to get acquainted with PIC32 microcontrollers. With over 35 source code examples and a starter project, users quickly learn the ins and outs of  Microchip's 32-bit family of microcontrollers and development tools.


The kit includes everything needed to write, program, debug and execute code on a high performance PIC32 microcontroller. Key features include:


  • MPLAB IDE v8.x (or later) development environment

  • MPLAB C32 C compiler with support for up to 64 KB of code with full optimisation and no time limits

  • Integrated programmer (just add your own USB cable), which allows a full 512-KB program image to be downloaded and verified in less than 9 seconds

  • Integrated debugger for full source-based debugging in the MPLAB IDE

  • PIC32 MCU operating at 72 MHz with 512 KB flash, 32 KB RAM and 4 DMA channels

  • 3 user switches and 3 LEDs

  • Expansion connector for Microchip expansion board or user-designed expansions

  • Majority of MCU signals brought out to connector


Image: Microchip

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