It’s not easy to find a small, high-quality monitor that is conveniently portable – the options are fairly limited. The Joy-View 13 makes the choice a lot easier, and thanks to the presence of both HDMI and USB‑C ports, it can be connected to virtually all modern devices. We tested this small 13-inch monitor with several types of computers.

A second screen for your laptop can be very handy in some situations. Small monitors are not expensive and there are lots of them to choose from, but they are not designed to be portable. What you want is something that is compact and touch-sensitive, and which preferably can operate independently of AC mains power. These are precisely the features offered by the Joy-View monitor. It is thin, sturdy, and can be powered from the AC mains, a laptop or a powerbank, and thanks to its USB‑C port it can also be connected to the latest laptops and smartphones.


The connectors on the right side (top) and
left side (bottom) of the Joy-View 13.
When you unpack the monitor, it feels a lot like a large tablet computer. The screen housing is made of black anodised aluminium and is nicely finished. Most of the monitor is only 5 mm thick. The bottom part, where the connectors are located (and probably most of the electronics), is a bit thicker at 9 mm. The monitor comes with a matching plastic ‘Smart Case’ with magnets that hold it fairly firmly to both sides of the screen. The case also serves as a stand – you can attach it to the back of the monitor (also with magnets) and unfold the bottom part. To prevent the monitor from sliding over the support surface, there are four small but sticky feet underneath.

An on/off button, a toggle button for menu navigation, and a USB‑C power connector are located on the left side of the thicker bottom portion of the monitor. On the right side there is a mini HDMI connector, a USB‑C connector that can be used for both power and data, and a 3.5 mm jack socket for headphones. The base also has some small openings for the two built-in speakers. The monitor weighs a bit more than 1 kg, including the case. That’s not especially lightweight, but the monitor does make a sturdy impression.

The Joy-View 13 comes with a large number of cables – an HDMI to mini HDMI cable, a USB‑C to USB‑C cable and a USB‑A to USB‑C cable – as well as an AC mains adapter and a cleaning cloth for the screen.