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RF & Microwave Toolbox App Updated

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
RF & Microwave Toolbox App Updated
RF & Microwave Toolbox App Updated

‘Insanely Useful. This has just about everything I need for ham radio and EMC. Very stable so far and highly impressed.’ – Google play Store Review.

Faust has done it again! Expanding upon his last update to this impressive App, Elektor reader, Faust Nijhuis has designed an additional twelve calculation and conversion utensils for RF, Microwave and electronics in general, bringing the total number of tools to a staggering 55.

These new tools are in-keeping with the much praised visual presentation and ergonomic arrangement of the previous update, with every apparatus becoming available by a simple touch, tap or slide of your fingertip. Whether you’re an established RF professional, radio-amateur, EMC technician, astronomer, student or hobbyist, this app offers a wealth of invaluable tools for you to work with.

Use the RF & Microwave Toolbox App to calculate component values for passive filter circuits; calculate impedance, capacitance, inductance, resonance frequency, quality factor, bandwidth, PCB traces, low band and high pass, band stop, Chebyshev and Butterworth LC filters. This app will also enable you to convert between field intensity and power density and even design microwave filters using a variety of techniques.


The latest update to the RF & Microwave Toolbox App introduces:

44) Lumped Balun Calculator
45) Wavelength calculator
46) L-Network Matching Calculator
47) LCR Parallel - Series Conversion Calculator
48) PI & T-Network Matching Calculator
49) Coax Line Calculator
50) Twisted pair Calculator
51) Lumped-Distributed Equivalences calculator
52) Fresnel Calculator
53) Inductor Charge Calculator.
54) Heat Sink temperature calculator
55) Thermal via calculator

Change how you work with RF and treat yourself to this affordable, essential app.

You can purchase it through the Google Play store for just €9.51!

'Comprehensive features and easy to use. Great toolbox at a bargain price. Thanks to developers for bringing up such a nice app.'– Another Google play Store Review.

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