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Save $69.40 with an Elektor Plus subscription

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Save $69.40 with an Elektor Plus subscription
Save $69.40 with an Elektor Plus subscription

With an Elektor Plus subscription, you receive eleven printed issues each year (including the special summer double issue) plus the entire editorial magazine content for the full year on the Elektor Annual DVD-ROM. But there's even more. As an Elektor Plus subscriber you have exclusive access to www.elektor-plus-usa.com for the full duration of your subscription!


On this personalized website, Plus subscribers have full search access to the Elektor articles archive dating back to 1998. The search engine finds article titles and subtitles, and also text within the article and any associated files. The search results provide links to the Annual DVDs and/or elektor.com for accessing the corresponding articles. The PLUS website also contains PDF versions of the three most recent editions of Elektor. Browsing the complete issue online is easy and readers may also download any individual article or the entire issue, from front-to-back.


The Elektor Plus advantages: 


• You save 57% on the cover price of newsstand issues

• You have exclusive access to Elektor-plus-usa.com

• Annual DVD ROM worth $37.90 is included in your subscription

• Subscribers are eligible for discounts up to 40% on selected Elektor products in each issue

• You receive Elektor by mail every month (no line-ups, travel time, parking fees or sold-out issues)

• Subscribers receive the magazine before the newsstand issues go on sale, so you're always up to date


How your savings add up with a Plus subscription: *


Subscription price (ten issues):          $79.50

+ Double issue (July/August):           $11.95

+ Annual DVD-ROM 2011:                 $37.90


Total equivalent value:                    $129.35

Elektor Plus subscription:                – $59.95


Your savings:                                   $69.40

If you already have a standard subscription, you can upgrade it to a PLUS subscription by simply paying the price difference of $20, after which you will receive the Elektor Annual DVD-ROM with your subscription each year.


* Offer available in US and Canada only. Canada add $11 per year for postage.

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