It required only a few experiments for us to adopt the Anet A6 3D-printer into the Elektor Lab, particularly because of its flexibility and ease of use. It has been designed very well, is easy to build and has a strong, sturdy enclosure. And this 3D-printer is not only popular in our Lab. This week we sold the 1000th unit in the Elektor Store!
To celebrate this happy fact, we will give away one Anet A6 3D-printer among the readers of the Elektor E-zine. If you already receive the weekly issue then there is nothing else you need to do. You are automatically in the draw for this fantastic prize. But if you are not yet a reader of the Elektor E-zine, then it is absolutely worth the effort to sign up today. It is completely free and it could yield you an Anet A6 3D-printer (incl. 3 PLA filaments) valued at € 299, just like that!
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The kit for the Anet A6 3D-printer is still available in the Elektor Store. For a limited time even with a € 50 discount! Note: the amount of stock is limited. Would like to know more about this 3D-printer? Go here to take a look at the specs, an assembly video and other relevant information.
Winners week 2/3 (8-21 January)
Prize: Elektor GREEN Membership
Won by: Teun van Baarlen (Netherlands), Leo Barnhoorn (Netherlands), Peter Drago (Italy), Angus Henney (UK), Gunnar Hillbom (Australia), Daniel Lamothe (Canada), Mark Mansfield (USA), Horst Pitzke (Germany), Eddy Poelman (Belgium) and Franz Stoiber (Austria).