BlueICe, an SOC design house and developer of IP for low-power and wireless communication technology announces its breakthrough BLUEDEMOD demodulator CORE for the Bluetooth GFSK and 802.15.4 QPSK wireless communication standard. Combined with an RF frontend with a noise figure of 6 dB, a receiver sensitivity of –100 dbm in Bluetooth mode has been proven.

BlueICe is an expert in combining complex digital with embedded software design and in digital signal processing algorithms on silicon. Its focus is on architectures for very low power. Its IP portfolio includes several communication demodulators, a super low-power DSC (a combination of a DSP and a microcontroller) processor core and a multi-radio Bluetooth and 802.15.4 baseband core.

BlueICe is present at the Embedded World show in Nurnberg, February 22 - 25.