What better than a little scare to start the week? Here is one that will not only make connected business men and bankers raise an eyebrow, but that will for sure freak out our hyper-connected adolescents: Did you know that, apparently, somewhere out there, in that jungle that is known as the World Wide Web, someone is trying to Switch – Off – The – Internet?

I mean, switching of the Internet, do you understand what that implies? No more YouTube, Facebook & Twitter; your social life grinding to a halt. If the Internet goes down, Netflix will go down too, so what will you watch at night? Imagine yourself back in that awkward situation that we thought we had finally left behind of where you are sitting in one room with your family and all you can do is talk to each other? That is so prehistoric, I can’t even remember how that felt. And since I don’t miss it at all today, it can’t have been that good.

But yes, it appears as if someone, or, to be more precise, a group of sadists, let’s be clear about it, is trying to figure out what the weak spots are of our main Internet service providers, and where they are situated. Over the last months, maybe years, the companies that keep our Internet up and running have reported an increasing number of sustained attacks of unusual intensity. Where they come from is unclear, and so is why, but don’t be surprised if you couldn’t read this item all the way to the end because your Internet connection suddenly died.