Tektronix launches educational scope series

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Tektronix launches educational scope series
Tektronix launches educational scope series

Tektronix recently launched the TDS1000C-EDU series of digital oscilloscopes, which are designed for first-time oscilloscope users and students and aim to put a digital scope in every school lab.  The new models comes with an Education Resource CD to help students master oscilloscope use.


The TDS1000C-EDU series include 40-, 60- and 100-MHz models specifically designed for the unique needs of education. They provide digital real-time sampling on all channels, allowing students to accurately characterize a wide range of signal types simultaneously. Flexible triggering options such as edge trigger, pulse width trigger and line selectable triggering let students quickly capture desired waveforms.


The new series provides extensive analysis functions, including standard FFT, waveform math (+, –, x), screen cursors and 16 automated measurements. To make things easier for novice users, the instruments have an intuitive front panel with dedicated controls and USB connectivity, built-in help menus, an autoset function, an automated probe check wizard and multiple language support.


The Education Resource CD provides tools to help students learn how to use oscilloscopes, including two labs with instructor’s guides and two primers. The ‘Introduction to Oscilloscopes’ student lab explains the basics of oscilloscope operation and includes hands-on exercises for students, while the ‘Introduction to Oscilloscope Probes’ student lab explains the fundamentals of probing and how probes can affect measurement quality. The two primers, ‘XYZs of Oscilloscopes’ and ‘ABCs of Probes’, are the most popular primers in Tektronix’ range.


Each TDS1000C-EDU model ships with a general-purpose passive probe for each analogue channel and comes with a 3-year warranty.


Image: Tektronix

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