The Bottle Builder has arrived

April 14, 2015 | 11:25
The Bottle Builder has arrived
The Bottle Builder has arrived

It is finally here! Johan Basse Bergqvist’s massive compendium of tube amplifier designs is now in stock and available for purchase. The compendium presents a long, impressive gallery of tube amplifier projects described not just with a personal stance, but also humor, an open mind, good anecdotes, and an equally good emphasis on all the technical aspects of design and implementation. With every project, the focus is on what makes a particular amplifier “special” in terms of design or performance, which as we all know are not necessarily in agreement. But don’t take our word for it, check out the 35-page preview of the book so you see for yourself.

The project designs are hands on: If you follow the instructions you can build and enjoy these designs, helped by the BOMs and PCB designs. The projects range from simple and suitable for beginners (bluebottle) to ambitious and requiring more skill (SUBSTORY ultralinear PP 50W) and delightfully also include preamplifiers, compressors, and tweaks & adds to commercial products (Neumann, Quad, Leak). Each project also includes a Bill of Materials, detailed schematics, and PCB designs.

Not only will you receive a massive amount of information on tube amplifier design, but you will also get an impressive thick A4 size book (440 pages) with two red ribbon bookmarks and a hard cover. Definitely one to join the collection that will stand the test of time. So now is the time for all you tubed-audio fans, addicts, collectors, and tweakers to pick up your copy of the Bottle Builder today!

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