The Pi Wars Challenge

July 22, 2015 | 02:03
Let Battle Commence
Let Battle Commence
The Cambridge Computer Laboratory will be holding a Raspberry Pi robotics challenge competition on the 5th December in Cambridge UK. Pi-powered robots built by teams from all around the country will be gathering to take part in a number of robotic challenges to win prizes. The Pi Wars schedule lists eleven main challenges including obstacle course navigation, line following, straight line speed test, skittles, Pi Noon (a non destructive robot vs robot duel) and more. A show and tell area section will also be available for robots not competing in the main challenges.

To take part you will need to fill out an on-line entry form, entries will be closing on the 1st of August but the deadline may be extended. If your team is lucky they will be selected to compete and will need to pay the £10 entry fee. Challenges such as this are a great way to motivate a team of robot builders; they get to learn useful engineering skills and coding along the way.

To find out more visit the Pi Wars website, here you can get details of all the challenges and competition rules. You can also attend as a spectator although these tickets are not yet for sale. If you are planning to take up the challenge don’t forget to check out the resources we have available to get you started on building robotic platforms. We also have an extensive range of Raspberry Pi accessories and the Franzis Raspberry pi Maker kit is currently on offer for a limited time period.
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