The sygonix BLE motion and vibration tag is now available from Conrad. This handy tag has a number of uses around the house and is really easy to program. The user can, for example program it so that it sends a message to a smartphone when post arrives in the post box or a door or window is opened.  

If you need to monitor events such as a door or cupboard opening you can attach the tag to the door then download the free app (for iOS and Android) and setup the user options. Now when the door is opened a message is sent to your smartphone to alert you. Bad news for junior… it could be used to monitor the cookie jar so that when the parents get home they will instantly know it’s been raided!

An optional configuration is an alarm function which activates when the tag goes out of range from the phone. No chance of leaving a brief case or handbag behind any more! It can be configured to make a single alarm signal or for more important items a continuous alarm sound which can only be turned off by acknowledging it. A time window can also be defined so that the alarm condition is stored but no message is sent (during the night for example). The tag is available for 34.95 € from Conrad.