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Virtual Machine Images Erupt from Secret Volcano

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Virtual Machine Images Erupt from Secret Volcano
Virtual Machine Images Erupt from Secret Volcano

Manchester (UK) based software engineering services company Codethink has developed a Linux build system for the development of embedded, industrial or bare-metal server-based Linux systems built on server technology. The company launched Baserock Embedded Linux as an open source release codenamed ‘Secret Volcano’ and the Baserock.org support site.


The Secret Volcano release provides virtual machine images for developers and a sample base image to demo a Baserock-generated small system image. The release brings the proven benefits of continuous integration, previously only available to developers of server and web-based applications, to Linux system development.


Source code is available for building on 64-bit x86 and ARM systems. Virtual machine binaries are available for 64-bit x86 machines. The software comprises four primary components: an integrated source code control system, a continuous integration and delivery service, a build system and workflow tool, and a toolset for preparing and efficiently deploying system upgrades.


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