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Welcome to the New audioXpress!

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Welcome to the New audioXpress!
Welcome to the New audioXpress!

audioXpress has undergone an intensive redesign, including a new layout that reflects a more polished, engaging, and global style. These changes also appear in the digital version of the magazine. After almost 15 years of providing some of the best audio electronics coverage, projects, columns and news, publisher Elektor International Media (EIM) felt it was time to make a few updates and changes to audioXpress. Whether you’re a long-time reader, or you’re picking up a copy for the first time, we think anyone reading the latest edition of audioXpress will be pleasantly surprised with the redesign.


With a new editorial team at the helm, supported by leading authors within the EIM network, audioXpress is broadening its perspective with the hopes of reaching every member of the global audio engineering community. New Editor-in-Chief, Joao Martins perfectly described why EIM is so excited about the changes and why you should be too,:


audioXpress will blossom into a fascinating publication that follows the latest audio innovation trends, independent of the application field, and shares a common audience of engineers, consultants, and enthusiasts in the electronics and audio fields, most of whom are involved in R&D’”


The November edition of audioXpress contains several innovative projects that will enable you to repurpose existing speakers, design entirely new ones, and even remotely power your entire audio system with the flip of a single switch.


To underscore that audioXpress is not just a magazine, the editorial team reaches out to audio fans across the globe through Twitter, Facebook, and a newsletter now in the making.

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