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What the Dickens is Elektor?

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
What the Dickens is Elektor?
What the Dickens is Elektor?

Just what do you know about the online shop where you bought that nifty gadget last week? You probably got there after being teleported by an internet search engine when you typed in a request. To finalize your transaction you created an account and while doing so you also subscribed, wittingly or blissfully unaware, to a newsletter. Next you left and forgot all about the shop and the other products and services it has on offer. This morning you received the newsletter and you wonder: “What the Dickens is Elektor?”


I am glad you asked. Elektor is a monthly magazine about electronics, made by and targeted at people passionate about electronics. People like you. Elektor also sells kits, books and DVDs, but our main business is publishing Elektor Magazine all over the globe in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian.


Since you already subscribe to the Elektor Weekly newsletter, you may well be interested in subscribing to our printed magazine too. Every month Elektor is 88 pages worth of great DIY electronics projects for you to build or to get inspiration from. Browse the Magazine section of this website to see what you can expect. And if you subscribe now you will receive a free welcome gift of your choice. All of this, and more, is Elektor.

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