I know it took a while, and you've been impatiently visiting TechTheFuture since March 4th, when I wrote about the sustainable floating home design competition Delft held together with waterbased urban building company Deltasync. But the time is now! The winning student's design - whose proposal will actually be built - is known! Behold the winning design, the 'Sustainable Shell' by Loed Stolte, student Architectural Engineering (above, I'm sure you've spotted it ;)).

The Sustainable Shell will be built at the Harnasch Polder near Delft as promised. Loed won because of his creativity in design and his use of sustainable solutions (such as using recycled materials and purifying water) whilst keeping them commercially feasible.

I really like the sketch, especially the curvy design and use of natural materials. I hope it floats. And I can not imagine how awesome it must be for Loed to see his floating home actually built!

Read more at the press release of the TU Delft (in Dutch)