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Droneify It

July 9, 2013 | 14:25
Droneify It
Droneify It
Feel like your keyboard/bicycle wheel/book would be greatly improved if it could fly? With the Drone It Yourself kit you can turn every day objects into a quadcopter.

The Drone It Yourself idea is a very simple – once someone’s thought of it. The kit consists of 4 clamps to attach the rotors to the base and a control unit.

Jasper van Loenen, an independent designer, created the kit to work right out of the box. But for those who like to tinker or build their own Van Loenen offers all the documentation. The clamps are 3D printed and Van Loenen provides the 3D models so you can print your own. The flight controller is the CC3D board created by open source project OpenPilot.

Van Loenen had to borrow a 3D printer for his project. To avoid this in the future he has submitted the DIY kit to the Instructables’ 3D printing contest where he hopes to win a Makerbot Replicator. You can vote for him here.

Photo: Jasper van Loenen
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