Last friday the Tech the Future team visited Good! in Lelystad. We saw some interesting products and had some good conversations and discussions. One of which with founder and CEO of Metsens, Wil van Paridon.

Metsens is a yound Dutch ICT company that specializes in smart meters and energy analysis. What Metsens does it pretty simple. They install a smart meter that's connected to your gas, water and electricity meter and to your router. As a consumer you can acces and analyse real time data with your computer. For example, you can see the direct result of putting your thermostat up just one degree. In your smart meter dashboard you can see exactly what you pay on any given day. Installing a smart meter gives you rich insights in your energy consumption allowing you to discover areas where you can save energy (and money).

Metsens collects all this data on a central server and analyses it. If they see a few thousand households with the same energy pattern and use, they can actually save them some money by transfering all the households to a new energy company at the same time. This collective data analysis and grouping of households saves big energy companies from wasting energy.

So, for #EcoMonday tip 7: Get a smart meter.