Magnets play a major role in our daily lives, found in a myriad of applications, ranging from the motors that power our appliances to the sensors that put laptops to sleep when the screen is folded down. But what exactly defines a magnet, how can one identify the most suitable magnet for a specific use, and what types of magnetic sensors are available?

If you didn't get a chance to watch this captivating webinar when it aired, you can check it out now! This show hosted by Stuart Cording for Elektor, alongside magnetic sensor experts Koen Vervaeke from MagCam and Enda Nicholl from Analog Devices, explores the intricate world of magnetic sensors with an unparalleled depth of knowledge. This session, packed with technical expertise, studies the nuances of Hall sensors, Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive (AMR) technology, and the intriguing Giant Magneto-Resistance (GMR) sensors.

The dialogue is rich with technical discussions, such as the comparison between AMR sensors and their Hall counterparts, highlighting how these technologies differ and the superior qualities of AMR sensors. Another fascinating topic is the exploration of GMR sensors and their unique capabilities compared to other magnetic field sensors. 

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Some of these sensors have an angular range specification of 180 degrees, despite the fact that many applications, like steering wheels or rotors, rotate through 360 degrees or more. Our guests explain what this angular range means in practice and how this limitation is managed in real-world applications. GMR sensors can detect rotation even without external power, in certain situations. Will this still be the case if the rotor reverses its rotation during the process? These questions and many others are discussed in detail in the video. You’ll also learn about practical applications of these advanced sensors, their integration in various industries, and the future of magnetic sensing technology.

Last but not least, the webinar also tackles intriguing questions from the audience, shedding light on the practical challenges and solutions in the field of magnetics. Whether you're an engineer seeking to enhance your projects with advanced sensors, or simply curious about the latest developments in magnetism measurement, this webinar is packed with insights and inspiration.

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