Organic LED Tree

March 8, 2010 | 06:30
Organic LED Tree
Organic LED Tree
We have another futuristic looking sustainable urban lighting solution for you to take a look at. Not totally unlike the previously covered Philips Light Blossom, observe the Light Tree: a solar powered and nature-inspired street lantern, created by Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso. A nice touch of extra-greeniness is the fact this lantern actually grows real plants!

The LEDs that illuminate the tree and surroundings are situated at the base of the lantern, as are the solar cells powering them (the efficiency of which in my opinion correctly questioned by the people over at TreeHugger - catching sunlight under a tree, what?). The light emitted by these LEDs is distributed through the water which fills the entire 'body' of the lantern. That same light-carrying water also feeds the hydroponic (soil-less) plants, the ones sticking out of the artificial branches of the Light Tree.

I think this lantern looks pretty nice and futuristic, although honestly I'd rather go with the real-deal-unlit-trees populating my sidewalks... However you can't hate on the idea of mixing the organic and living with the (high-)tech if you ask me!
via TreeHugger
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