Post project 24: Elektor Virtual Fireplace

January 10, 2014 | 16:35
Post project 24: Elektor Virtual Fireplace
Post project 24: Elektor Virtual Fireplace
A softly burning and quietly crackling fireplace has imminent attraction to people and pets, but not everyone can afford to have the real thing in their living room. So without further ado here’s an all-embedded, all-mp3 alternative to smoke, odors, flying embers and wood cleaving (out there in the cold). Although not generating any significant heat, the project ends all of your will-it-burn-in-time anxiety.
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Spot-on for the Festive Season upon us now, here is a device that can simulate a burning fireplace to a fair degree. It needs 230-V (US: 115-V) light bulbs (or anything that is dimmable). You can use a red lamp to create a deep red background (which is not dimmed), plus one yellow and one white lamp (or any other color you like) that will flicker in rhythm with the crackling and sputtering noises of the virtual fire.
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