Post project 42: What-Remainsof- the-Day Clock

September 19, 2014 | 09:14
Post project 42: What-Remainsof- the-Day Clock
Post project 42: What-Remainsof- the-Day Clock
According to Wikipedia, ‘A gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty.’ German Wikipedia goes further, remarkably stressing the fun factor, which it says ‘can play a major role, as these devices often cross the boundary between functionality and frivolity.’ For positive proof of this statement, just read on!
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People buy things because they are either useful, convenient, amusing, or else make the neighbors envious. This fourth gap in the market is the one we shall now set out to fill! [1] Nobody actually needs one of these but everybody will want to own one. Our What- Remains-of-the-Day Clock—actually it’s a Day Remaining Clock—fills this niche very adequately. Anyone who can remain asleep until 12 noon may well have not have realized that they have already dozed through half of the day. They glance at the clock and just think: “12 o’ clock—so what!?!” But the point of perception is that it should cause us to react and do something. This project aims to make people more aware of the passing of time during the day.
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