This Is Why

March 27, 2010 | 17:44
This Is Why
This Is Why
This is Why. Why doesn't need a long introduction. Why doesn't need pretty words. A picture tells a thousand. I'm not sure if this is a yacht or an island.

What we do know is that Why is a whole lot more eco conscious that it's competitors. The Why Yacht designers worked around 6 key principles. The focus isn't speed (but it still goes fast), it's insulated, it has a state of the art on board energy management system, it uses natural resources, it stores energy and it recovers and restores wasted energy. These simple principles make the Why Yacht 50% more energy efficient that other yachts similar in displacement.

And it's big.. 3800 m2 and 58 meters long, 38 meters wide. It will carry you plus twelve guests and twenty crew members. And, of course, me and you can't afford it; the estimated price tag is $150.8 million.

via Sebastiaan van Dorssen
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