Elektor Labs proudly announces the winners of the 2024 Project Contest, a competition that brought together innovators worldwide to merge technology with practical solutions. This year’s projects focused on improving health, enhancing security, and automating everyday tasks.

The Winners

First Prize: Hans van Essen’s VibroTactile Gloves Taking the top prize, Hans van Essen’s VibroTactile Gloves for Parkinson's patients use targeted vibro-tactile stimulation on the fingertips to manage motor impairments. The gloves feature wireless connectivity, synchronization capabilities, and an intuitive touchscreen interface, providing significant quality of life improvements for individuals affected by Parkinson's disease. Hans won a €100 Elektor Store voucher and will be featured in Elektor Magazine's Circuit Special 2024! Congratulations.

Second Prize: Arduino47’s Mini Alarm with Radio Remote Control Arduino47 earned the second prize with a Mini Alarm for electric bikes, incorporating a 433 MHz transmitter and receiver, an ATtiny85 microcontroller, and a tilt sensor. This device is ingeniously housed in a modified battery holder and effectively protects bicycles from theft through its innovative use of simple, readily available components. Arduino47 received a €75 Elektor Store voucher.

Elektor contest

Third Prize: Max.imagination’s Automatic Night Lamp Circuit Max.imagination’s project won third prize with an Automatic Night Lamp Circuit that uses light-dependent resistors and transistors to detect ambient light changes, automatically turning on a lamp when it gets dark. This DIY-friendly project is ideal for enhancing home safety and energy efficiency, demonstrating the power of simple electronic components in automation. Max.imagination was awarded a €50 Elektor Store voucher.

Each winner demonstrated exceptional creativity and technical skill, addressing everyday challenges with innovative solutions. These projects not only reflect the spirit of the Elektor community but also contribute significantly to technological advancement in their respective fields.

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