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3D-print Your Own Ink - Please Add Your Photo(s) Here

Status: In progress
May 21, 2014

This is a support page for the Elektor Magazine June 2014 article

EN: 3D-Print Your Own Ink (page 68, issue 450).
NL: Je eigen inkt met een 3D-printer (pagina 16, Nr. 608)
DE: Drucken Sie ihre eigene Tinte! (seite 53, Nr. 522)
FR: l'empêcheur d'imprimer en rond (page 49, No. 432)

Please add your photo's of useful 3D-printed objects as a contribution to this project. If you cannot place a contribution because you are not a paying member, you can send your photo's to

labs at elektor dot com (replace 'at' by '@' and 'dot' by '.')

and we will place the photo for you.


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