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Automatic Sprinkler System

Status: Proposal
January 17, 2020 , Latest update: January 17, 2020
The project uses several sensors like LDR or "Light Dependant Resistor", thermistor and hygrometer to analyse the environnement of the plant. A level switch is also used to know the level of the water tank. A relay is used to control the pump.

An IHM is also present with 2 leds (used to inform of the alimentation status) and four 7 Segments Display which are multiplexed. A buzzer is also used to perfom some alarm.

The project also contents a parallel alimentation system with AC-DC converter (12 VAC --> 9 VDC) or a baterry backup (9 V battery).  The system also monitors the battery with ADC inside the ATMEGA2560 (arduino mega).

The goal of this project is to learn some basic of electronic like : diode bridge, smooth filtering, regulator, arduino programmation, analog to digital conversion, time multiplexing, switching mosfet, 7 segment displays, photo-resistor, thermistor software linearization, PWM (for the buzzer and the 7 segments illumination variation), ... 

The PCB of the alimentation system and the shied can be provided.
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