This is an mbed compatible CMSIS-DAP board for experimenting with ARM-based microcontrollers and the online mbed development environment.

The board provides drag-'n'-drop programming for CMSIS-DAP compatible microcontrollers and also functions as a USB-to-serial converter.

For the moment this board only supports the NXP LPC812 Cortex-M0+ processor. By changing the firmware it is possible to adapt the interface to other processors. Extension connectors are available for connecting the board to other CMSIS-DAP capable boards.

The board has headers for the Elektor CoCo-ri-Co board (140183), making it fully mbed compatible, including drag-'n'-drop programming & serial-to-USB converter, which is pretty neat. The CoCo-ri-Co pins are broken out to two pin rows on each side of the base board.

ARM has validated the board, and it is available on the mbed website as an official mbed platform.

This project was published in Elektor Magazine November 2016. You can find the BOM over there.

The schematic is attached below.