It's an ersatz of Enigma Machine.

One day,i was looking for components in my lab. I came across a small wooden box. A few days earlier, i had seen the biopic film ‘’ The Imitation Game’’ dedicated to the adventure of Bletchey Park and its initiator Alan Turing.

Damn it ! This box looks an Enigma Machine.

If i made one, in miniature with today’s technology (an Arduino Uno). 

The human/machine interface would consist of a ( electric) keyboard and a 4-line LCD display. Electronics ;  rudimentary with components from a drawer (diodes, some CMOS gates and flip-flop D). The machine should evoke the functionning of its predecessor ; 3rotors with different alphabets that can be placed in any order, possibility to encode and decode with the right key, the system must remain open : it is possible to make your own alphabets. So it is possible to change this configuration by changing the EEPROM. We must also be able to test the keyboard by flipping a switch. Finally, the best of the best, for purists, a buzzer produces a small TIC-TIC during the (virtual) rotation of the rotors.

This achievement is a tribute, and is absolutetly not compatible with the original model.

If this lucubration has awakened some vocations,a recommended book : ‘’History of the Secret Codes’’ by Simon Singh.