This project describes all parts to make a LoRaWAN network.

The object connected (electronic part):
This is a small shield which sends a message when the switch is closed. It uses the RN2483 module (MPLAB and XC8) without another micro-controller. When the message has been sent, the object is turned off. You need to switch off again to send a new message.
12/12/2018: the RN2483 works very well. The power supply needs to be made.
The gateway LoRaWAN*:
Because a multi-canals gateway  is expensive, we made a simple canal with a Raspberry Pi and a Dragino shield. The software is implemented to run on 868.100 MHz and the SF12 mode (spreading factor: SF12 is the longest).
12/12/2018: the gateway is ready but the program’s MAC address is the Ethernet port. We need to transfer datas from the Ethernet port to the Wifi port to use the Gateway with Wifi.
The servers LoRaWAN:
We choose to use lorio.io servers rather than The Things Network because they are more stable but you can use other LoRaWAN servers.
Android application:
The application receives notifications when a message is transmitted
12/12/2018: I need to develop this program with the name MyMouse
iOS application:
12/12/2018: I begin to develop this application.