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Reset detector for mobile phone: Simple idea:

Status: Proposal
October 10, 2014
One day, I have to know if there is reset with my smartphone, how many time per day. Also, it was to check during standby mode. I found that for each reset, the phone restart and the screen+backlight switch on. After testing several different idea, I choose a very simple but working way: - Take an empty box like shoes box - Put the phone on one side of the box, internal, vertical - Front of the phone, on the other internal side of the box, an USB webcam - Close the box - Launch on the PC a webcam SW with movement detection - Select video 10 sec for each movement detection. - Wait, days and night. Then, on the PC, each time the screen is light on, we have a video. We can check if it is reset or some other events. I use it successfully for many products. Laurent
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