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ShowerKidt, Monitors the shower data, temp, duration, date/time, and active controlls

Status: Proposal
March 7, 2014

The ShowerKidt is an water and energy saving product, so its good for the environment and your wallet. It consists of an battery operated smart valve and gateway. The smart valve and gateway communicate on 868Mhz. The gateway hooks up to the router so you can access it's webserver by any browser on any device. The smart valve hooks up between the water mixer and hose, or directly on the showerhead (US/CAD). It controlls the water flow, the various parameters, such as shower-session time, pause time, notification time, and max/min water flow are simply controlled via the webserver in the gateway. The smartvalve does only need the gateway for parameter setup, after that it can opertae stand alone, so its pretty sabotage safe. The gateway stores the shower history and can be viewed via a browser. If you have adolescents in your family, it probably saves you a lot of frustation as well.

For the dutch viewers: (English version will come soon).

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Common shower setup in Holland
Close up.

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