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Software Defined Radio (SDR) - What Do You Want?

Status: Proposal
August 19, 2014

In Mai 2007 Elektor published a receiver front end for Software Defined Radio or SDR enthusiasts. This very succesful design was based on a Cypress CY27EE16ZE programmable oscillator that is no longer manufactured. A 100% compatible replacement for this chip is not available, which is unfortunate, because drivers for the Elektor design had been integrated in several popular SDR programs.

The time has come for a new Elektor SDR project. SDR has moved on since 2007 and simply updating our 2007 design is probably not sufficient. This is why we ask your input.

  • Would you be interested in such a project? And if you are, what would you expect from such a project?
  • Which frequency range?
  • Receiver only or transmitter too?
  • Integrated USB sound card?
  • Technology?

Please let us know what you would like us to design. If you want to participate in the project let us know that too. Leave a contribution below or send an email to labs at elektor dot com.

Update 13/10/2014

My attention was drawn to bladeRF by Nuand. Its specifications are impressive, but it starts at 300MHz. Since it attained its Kickstarter goal in a few days only it shows that there is a demand for such products. Should we try to do better? Do we have the resources?


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