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Telescope alignment system - help wanted

Status: Proposal
June 6, 2012

We are looking for people who can help with the development of a simple telescope alignment system. The goal is to design a portable system powered from a car battery that does not use a PC. Two motors - one to track right ascension (RA), the other to correct declination - with proper speed control should do the trick. Anyone out there has some tips on offer or built such a system and wants to share it with us? Thanks for reading, Clemens

Here is the original request, translated from French:


I do not speak English that's why I write in French. This was originally my project. I am looking for a simple celestial body tracker without PC and without programming. Without PC because it is difficult to power it all night out in the field. Without programming because I do not know how to program. The circuit from June 2012 uses a PC. Also I do not know a lot about electronics, just the basic stuff. I know how to solder but not how to design.

Currently I use a Dobson Lightbrige 305 that weighs about 40kg and my project is to build a portable horseshoe frame. I hope that the total weight will be not more than 50kg. I added a photograph of a similar project done by a German guy but I don’t have any information about the electronics. I just bought on the internet an SAA1027 stepper motor driver chip. If the circuit could use this, that would be great.



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