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Time machine

Status: Proposal
October 11, 2012
dinosaur in rearview mirror

Update April 27, 2018

The internet is full with information about the past, from prehistoric to recent, yet I do not know of a system or tool capable of compiling all this information into a virtual reality like Google Street View that lets the user stroll around through the past. Type in a date & place and get a feel of how things looked at the time, not just by watching some photographs, but by really walking around.

Things in a similar spirit have been done for a few buildings and only in specific periods of time, but I want something that ideally would cover the complete history of the earth. Of course, I know this is a bit ambitious, but hey, big data, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing should be able to get such a project on the road.

I posted this idea here in 2012 and never got any response. Today, with Virtual Reality (VI) helmets, glasses & goggles and gaming technology it must be possible to come up with a nice system allowing the user to relive history?

Maybe somebody build such a system already?

Please let me know your thoughts. Do we have to build it ourselves?

Original post from Octobre 11, 2012

I was thinking of building a machine to virtually travel through time. The idea is a sort of Google Earth but then of history. You type in a date and then on a 360 degree display images are shown from that date. If no photos exists it should be done with animation.
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