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9-02 — elektor september 1981 DFM + ovrt As far as test equipment and measure- ment is concerned, the average elec- tronics constructor has to make do with a collection of bits and pieces that happen to come to hand, usually second or third-hand at that. This is, however, exactly the type of equipment that most enthusiasts are prepared to put up with, for after all, their projects don"t usually have to meet very high require- ments anyway. The line has to be drawn somewhere for home building to be viable (there is no tax relief on transis- tors and ICs). The two items of test equipment + digital measurement of frequency and voltage Any additions to the range of test equipment available to the home constructor are always welcome. This article combines an economical digital frequency counter with the 21/2 digit DVM published in the February 1981 edition of Elektor. Absolute accuracy was considered of secondary importance to economy and the use of readily available components, alth...
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