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RF circuit design (2) - VHF filters

RF circuit design (2) - VHF filters
EE 50 March 1986 RF CIRCUIT DESIGN by A Bradshaw Er J Barendrecht Elektor Electronics has presented its readers with comprehensive articles on theory and practice of VHF aerial amplification before; see, for in- stance, the February 1980 issue of this magazine. The conclusions reached in those articles may be summarized as follows: 1.A well-designed aerial amplifier can only compensate for cable loss if it is mounted in the immediate vicinity of the aerial (masthead mounting). 2.To be of any beneficial use at all, this booster must have appreci- ably lower self-generated noise than the receiver. 3.The first active device in the re- ceiver RF signal chain determines to a large extent the total receiver system noise figure and thus its sen- sitivity for weak signals. 4.A good directional aerial is the best booster because it generates no noise, is absolutely intermodu- lation-free and functions as a selec- tive device at the same time. As evidenced by the article on the wideband aer...
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