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Lincmos Circuits

Lincmos Circuits
20 LINCMOS CIRCUITS LinCMOSTM is a process that gives to linear devices a superior performance over metal-gate CMOS by the use of polysilicon gates and an optimized "N well" structure. Equivalents of many popular operational amplifiers, comparators and timers have already been available for some time. The major benefits of these devices are lower power consumption, faster switching and the ability to operate from very low supply voltages. While giving good ± supply rail perfor- mance, with a total voltage not exceeding 16 V, the input and output are optimized for single supply operation. This is achieved with an input common mode range that included GND (-VDDwith ± supplies) and an output range that pulls down to within a few millivolts of GND (with a load connected to GND). The TLC27x range are specified to work with supply voltage down to 3 V and will thus operate with the supplies that are commo- ny available for rrL and HCMOS. For maxi- mum dynamic range, single rail opera...
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