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9-Volt Supply

9-Volt Supply
012 The TL496 is an is that is intended to produce a nominal 9-volt, that is 7-10 V, supply voltage from a variety of sources. This sup- ply is perfectly adequate for many circuits. The voltage source may be a 1.5 V battery, or two of them, or the secondary of a mains transformer. To provide 7-10 V supply from these, the lc contains a series regulator and a switching regulator. The series regulator is con- nected actively like a transformer. A diode for half-wave rectifica- tion is also on board. When the series regulator delivers voltage at a satisfactory level, the switching regulator is inhibited. When, however, the output from the series regulator falls below require- ment, the switching regulator comes into action. It is capable of generating a sufficiently high voltage level at the output from only one or two 1.5 V batteries. The diagram shows how the TL496 must be connected for operation from one 1.5 V battery. For operation from two 1.5 V batteries, some modifications are ...
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