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Guitar Compressor

Guitar Compressor
• am U 064 ELECTROPHONICS The control of this compressor is based on the dependence of the dynamic resistance of a diode on the current flowing through it. The heart of the present circuit is the diode bridge Dl-D4, which behaves as a variable resistance controlled by the current flowing in Tl. The input signal is applied to preamplifier stage Al via low- pass filter R1-C1 that removes any HF noise from the input. Switch S1 in the feedback loop of Al sets the amplification to 1 (position C2 R2 mlo 0 C1 C3 220P 470n R11 0 9V = 2mA R21 =NO 100n 822 R23 A1...A4 = IC1 = TL064 n TO> BC550C BC550C Re R5 R15 R8 C5 R12 C7 R14 C 6V R3 R4 A3 1.1 101, C13 16V • 0 ELEKTOR ELECTRONICS JULY 1989 SUPPLEMENT 0 IC1 0 C14 C15 100n Ti 0 BC550C R28 129 100n GUITAR COMPRESSOR BO CEIN 680n 100n D1...D4 = AA119 D2 01 12 R18 A 3 C12 R20 R10 668 6 680n R19 100n C10 9V 0 = 2mA R26 R32 8311 R27 824 R25 U C R130+ 083 R16 R17 A2 Lai 6k8 C11 292 16V S2 CA BC550C R7 1E3 bn R3 10k log. 894045 - 11 42 A),...
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