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SUPER-VHS-TO-RGB-CONVERTER design: ELV GmbH Almost any radio and TV salesman will confidently tell you that the excellent picture quality from a S-(super) VHS video cassette recorder can only come into its own on a new, compatible, TV set with separate luminance and chrominance inputs. Unfortunately, these TV sets are still relatively rare and also quite expensive. The SV7000 converter presented here is a cost-effective alternative to a new TV set. This is because it provides a function not available on most S-VHS VCRs: conversion of the luminance and chrominance signals into RGB signals that can be applied to a SCART-compatible TV set. There can be no argument that super- VHS (S-VHS) video tape recorders pro- vide higher resolution and better picture quality than any of the currently avail- able high-quality (HQ-) models. Al- though the price of S-VHS VCRs is coming down, and many video enthusi- asts are beginning to see the real benefits of the new system, the cost of a matching...
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