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Droitwich timebase

Droitwich timebase
Roughly two years ago, the carrier trequency ot the 400-kW long-wave Droitwich transmitter was changed trom 200 kHz to 198 KHz. This was done by the BBC to comply with the internationally agreed 9-kHz spacing tor broadcast stations in the medium- and long-wave bands. The trequency change ot 2 kHz was largely unnoticed by thousands ot listeners ot the Radio Four and BBC World Service programmes. Not so, however, by the many users ot trequency standards and timebase circuits which derived their stability trom the 200 kHz carrier. All these circuits became useless overnight since the new trequency, 198 kHz, can not be divided to give multiples ot 10Hz. Fortunately, there is a way to get your timebase ticking again. An update tor our own Droitwich receiver, an immensely popular project which goes back as tar as 1977, is described here.
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