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Video A-D and D-A converter (1):

Introduction the ICs

Video A-D and D-A converter (1):
Although fast &bit video converters are available from a variety of manufacturers, their practical application has so far been over the head of the average electronics hobbyist with an interest in video signal processing. Fortunately, that situation has come to an end with the introduction of a number of simple to use A-D and D-A converter ICs from Philips Components. Two of these ICs, the TDA8708 ADC and the TDA8702 DAC, form the heart of an advanced video converter described in this two-instalment article. This month we discuss the basic operation of ADC and the DAC, followed next month by a constructional project intended to get you going with video encodingldecoding experiments, digital video processing, sync locking techniques, etc..
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