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In-car audio amplifier (1):

In-car audio amplifier (1):
The in-car audio amplifier is intended for public-minded drivers who not only love their in-car music, but also their hearing (and that of others), which is why they keep the volume of the car's audio system at reasonable volume levels - particularly when the car's windows are open. It is a sad fact that there are so me unthinking drivers who do not realise that by having the volume fully up (or nearly so) they are destroying their hearing in a fairly short time (and at the same time, they are a public nuisance). By leaving the volume of your car's audio system at reasonable levels, you will be able to go on listening to your favourite in-car music long after the unthinking few have realised - sadly, too late - that all they can hear is a rushing in their ears - no more.
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