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Educational PLC Simulation V 4.8 5 - Int. first prize

Educational PLC Simulation V 4.8 5 - Int. first prize
The 'Educational PLC Simulation' (EPLCS) program simulates the use and operation 01 areal PLC using just a PC. PLCs are digital electronic devices wh ich are used as control units in automated systems. The software is uselul lor anyone wanting to learn about programming a PLC, and realising an actual PLC device. Unlortunately, the cost 01 areal PLC will be prohibitive to many schools and colleges. Moreover, a PLC should be connected to input and output devices, lorcing the user to build an appropriate scale model to test the required environment. Both problems may be solved at a stroke by creating a computer program wh ich could run on a simple PC and would simulate the operation 01 a PLC in a virtual environment, closely resembling the actual situation.
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