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Flashing LED sweetheart

an original Valentine present

Flashing LED sweetheart
A small effort and an even smaller outlay is required to throw an electronic gadget together that’s sure to make a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Belgium-based Velleman are suppliers of kits that enable this type of circuit to be built by the masses. We decided to try out one of their kits.Most of you, we are convinced, would avow to being pretty seriously involved in electronics, be it as a hobby or professionally. Sometimes, too, you may get the feeling that it’s all getting a bit too serious. Typically, our readers are busy working on practical applications of published circuits, or tweaking the specs. They will rave on about distortion, signal/noise ratios, or memory capacity, painstakingly seeking ways to achieve improvements no better than tenths of a decibel or a few parts per million.
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